Leveling Up and Taking the Next Step

Author’s Note: It’s been more than a month since I’ve posted anything, so for everyone who follows my blog, I’m sorry about that.

It’s also been more than a month since I’ve moved out to my new place, and that’s basically the reason why I’ve been missing in action.

I remember writing about how I will be able to have more time to do the things I wasn’t able to do now that my commute is significantly shorter, but if there’s one thing I realized during this first month, it is this:

I still don’t have enough time to do what I want.

I have been able to form a daily routine: Wake up before or at exactly 5AM, then prepare my lunchbox for the day. At 6AM, exercise for 30 minutes, then breakfast. I leave for work around 830AM. I don’t usually have a routine at night, simply because that’s when I fulfill my responsibilities to the ministry and/or lead the exercise classes at our Nutrition Club.

Between those and my daily routine, finding time to write became difficult. However, I will try to commit to write every Sunday. Wish me luck!

I would like to believe that I have grown more in the past month. I was able to attend Bo Sanchez’s Singles Conference last October 17, and that experience was very inspiring to someone like me who wants to take the lead in my life. It taught me about having a vision, that must be supplemented by action so that I may be able to reach my ambitions. In addition, they conducted talks about how to start our own business, how to be a social entrepreneur, crowdfunding and skills development such as public speaking and writing. It was a jam-packed one day that lit a fire in me to become more productive with the time that I now have.

One speaker talked about how he was able to enjoy his daily commute more than other people because the traffic jam gave him an opportunity to listen to power talks that inspired him. This inspired me to subscribe to podcasts that would inspire me and also allow me to learn more. I figured that since I spend about an hour each driving to and from work, I could listen to something that would add value to me other than the hottest pop song at the moment.

This is how I stumbled upon The School of Greatness podcast, hosted by Lewis Howes. Howes identifies himself as a “lifestyle entrepreneur,” and his podcast is a cornucopia of learning. He interviews guests from all walks of life, people who have achieved greatness in their own right. Topics range from include leadership guru John Maxwell talking about living a significant life, fitness expert Jackie Warner dishing health tips, to New York Times best-selling author Neil Strauss teaching about relationships.

These podcasts, I realized, have become the first in a series of steps that I need to take to get to the next stage of my journey. This year has been such a blessing in that I was finally able to come to terms with my flaws and my shortcomings, and was able to have a deeper understanding of what matters most in life. Inasmuch as this journey started with me trying to improve myself, now my journey should also involve others.

I have always loved to teach people. At work, it is one of the more rewarding things that I do. At the nutrition club, I enjoy teaching our members about cooking healthy food, leading exercise classes, and answering any concerns they have about their own health goals. In teaching, I am able to share my story, learn from other people’s stories, and add value to their lives.

Coupled with my rekindled desire to learn and learn some more, I have decided that all of my visions would have to be centered around making people better. Thus, I have compiled a short list of new visions. Granted, these don’t have timetables yet, but I promise to update these and let you know how I am working closer towards them:

  • Create businesses that are eco-friendly, sustainable and provide learning opportunities for younger people;
  • Become a personal trainer;
  • Have my own media platform (book, podcast, blog) where I can add value to the lives of strangers; and
  • Bring more people closer to God.

I understand that attaining all of these will not come easy. Nevertheless, I have faith that God will provide me with opportunities to achieve all of these, and I believe that if you have goals that aim to bring good in this world, people will support and help you to work towards them.

I have been blessed. Now, it’s time to bless others.

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